In-Store Book Clubs

Hooked has in-store book clubs with discussion groups. Our prepaid discount monthly book clubs allows you to select one of the three books of the month. You also have the opportunity join the discussion of your chosen book in our cafe. Staff will help you decide on a book each month.

There are also book clubs for Kids/YA books (with a 4-8 and middle grade/YA selection each month) with discussion groups - plus a Book & Toy club for the youngest kids.

All book clubs will come with a 10% storewide book discount. All book discussions will include snacks in the cafe. 

We have announced our February Book Club Picks:

Hooked Book Club: Sign-Up Here

Angela Davis: An Autobiography

The Bandit Queens

Kids Book Club: Sign-Up Here


A Rover's Story

Book & Toy Club: Sign-Up Here

The Universe in You

Want to start your own book club?

You can also choose a particular genre, a type of author or reader, or just a community you'd like to see in person and discuss books. We would love to have you as a book club leader. Just submit your book recommendations and any information you would like to include. We also take reservations for BYO Book Clubs at the 12 person community table.