Coffee and Wine Clubs

Hooked offers unique monthly purchase programs for coffee and wine. Members will not have to rely on our recommendations but get to taste to make their selections. We will, of course, help with recommendations and selections each month. But every monthly purchase will come with a tasting to help you try before you buy.

You can now join the monthly coffee bean taste & buy club.

You can also now join the monthly wine taste & buy club.

For the $50/month wine club, we offer two premium bottles per month with your credit, a free selection wine tasting of any wines we are serving by the glass, and twenty percent off all other wine purchases. Rather than commit to wine you may not like, you'll get to taste and decide.


You can join the monthly wine taste & buy club to start and come in for the tasting. 


For the $35/month coffee bean club, you get to select two bags per month--again with store credit and an accompanying tasting. We will offer coffee flights so that you can come in and taste different blends and single origin direct trade coffees to decide what to take home. 

Here are the single origin coffees available for this month:

You can sign up to join the monthly coffee bean taste & buy club.