Fish Tales: 75 Years of Casting Storylines (Hardcover)

Fish Tales: 75 Years of Casting Storylines By Bill Dance, Taylor Wilson (With), Jacque Hillman (Editor) Cover Image
By Bill Dance, Taylor Wilson (With), Jacque Hillman (Editor)
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No one on a planet covered with water has told and heard more fish tales than Bill Dance. His stories have been gathered through his online platforms and television programs, Bill Dance Outdoors and Bill Dance Saltwater.In Fish Tales, Dance spins 75 years of stories that make readers laugh, cry, learn, and long for more. His stories will put you aboard with presidents, famous entertainers, elite coaches, athletes, and the pioneers who helped birth sportfishing.From his start on a creek bank to being named Angler of the Year three times, Dance is a proven winner. With twenty-plus tournament wins in the nation's largest bass fishing organization his competitive career has yielded an arsenal of angling awards while he's also been named to multiple sports halls of fame. And overall, few can claim the wake Dance has made with his career. No one has taught more people to fish than the Tennessee angler, who received an honorary doctorate from the University of Tennessee.His perspective is like no one else's, especially when you consider Dance is a perpetual prankster, and an incredible instructor, all the while aiming at the constant goal of making fishing fun.His bloopers are viral, reaching millions on social media.Fish Tales confirms his popularity and details that Dance loves to laugh, even if he is sometimes the target.Just a few of his many pranks include in the book are: putting a duck in a fellow angler's livewell, making his fishing buddies believe the hotel is haunted, and sending another friend one thousand chickens. Dance is one of those veteran anglers that wears more laugh lines than wrinkles, and he lets readers know why. In this book, he shows readers how to load a tackle box confidence, lures and laughter.If you have never fished, Fish Tales will let you know why you have been missing the bot. It is an autobiography and a celebration of angling.

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ISBN: 9798985060591
Publisher: Hillhelen Group LLC
Publication Date: December 19th, 2022
Pages: 310
Language: English