Limitless Confidence For Teens (Paperback)

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Certified life coach Ava Montgomery provides an insightful guide rooted in her 15 years experience working with individuals to achieve long-lasting change through clarifying their goals and both identifying and overcoming obstacles along the way. With Limitless Confidence, Ava invites teens on a journey of building self-confidence, achieving success, and becoming their best self.

Limitless Confidence For Teens uses a mix of relatable stories, a conversational tone, practical examples, and dozens of guided exercises walking teens and their parents through gaining essential skills to make crucial decisions confidently, find success, and forge an clear path toward their future.

If your teen is experiencing:

  • Withdrawn social interaction
  • Lack of motivation
  • Anxiety and depression
  • Overwhelm and indecision
  • Poor academic performance
  • Lack of confidence or self worth
  • Low self esteem

This book will support them in:

  • Taking control of their thoughts & emotions
  • Revealing their core beliefs
  • Finding their passions and purpose
  • Setting important boundaries and goals
  • Having healthier relationships
  • Forging forward with clarity and confidence
  • Creating a vision and action plan for their future
  • Achieve success and happiness
  • Achieving long-lasting change

In this book you will gain the tools you need to change the beliefs that limit you, and you will learn that you are bigger than your thoughts and emotions. You will identify your purpose, get clear on what exactly you stand for, and connect with the people in your life who see your worth and value your potential.

A must-read for anyone looking to unlock their potential, discover their purpose, and create unshakable self confidence

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ISBN: 9798218106676
Publisher: Dream Life, Inc.
Publication Date: November 10th, 2022
Pages: 228
Language: English