Multi-intelligence cognitive style and home environment as a correlate of scientific creativity between school (Paperback)

Multi-intelligence cognitive style and home environment as a correlate of scientific creativity between school By Asha P Cover Image
By Asha P
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Introduction Long ago Newton had said that he was "like a child, who is picking pebbles at sea-shore while the great ocean of knowledge lies before me‟. Since then, knowledge has grown enormously at a faster rate than human ability to cope with it. Technological advancements of twentieth century, due to revolution in the field of information technology, have changed the whole scenario. Khalil Gibran has said - knowledge, the object of knowledge and application of the knowledge - all the three are equally important for motivating to take a wise action. A little knowledge that acts is worth more than much knowledge that is inactive. One, whose knowledge is confined to books, can not use his wealth of knowledge, whenever required.

The scope of education is much broader. It is a continuous process. It means complete up-bringing of the individual starting from the childhood till end. A well-planned and sound system of education inspires human beings to control their senses, mind and intellect, so that they could be adjusted better in real life‟s environment by acquiring life skills. In short, a sound education system imparts knowledge, develops creativity, nurture multiple intelligence and rational thinking to be a good social being by taking the advantage of the healthy environment at home and school. Education system in advanced countries makes student a lively, inquisitive, creative and original thinking person. Importance of information and knowledge, which provides the basis of all the thinking, cannot be denied. However, in India present education system at all stages of education, from preliminary through secondary right up-to the college stage makes mind a store-house of information/ knowledge and discourages original thinking. It lays emphasis on giving students ready-made knowledge, systematically and neatly organized in the form of lessons, units and text books. The stress on quantitative increase has subverted all the attempts to improve the quality of teaching and learning. Kerala‟s educational system is changing on the basis of NCF and KCF and all these trends giving importance to improve the social conscience, by thinking and acting creatively and critically. It needs concentrated efforts to execute the theoretical aspects and new approaches in the field of education. Only a sound system of education can provide solutions for various problems, pupils are facing today. It can lead the pupils towards rational, positive and creative thinking. It would make pupils capable of taking right decisions at right time, think rationally and nurture creative abilities with the help of their parents and teachers. It would enable them to act judiciously, give them courage to avoid out-dated traditions and dogmatic ways of doing things, courage to face challenges. Free minds, free spirits and free individuals are vital for this new century of globalization, in which our success will depend on our creativity. Education is a creative endeavor through which one not only discovers oneself but also unravels

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