Shadow in the Fog: Biography of Dr. Mathra Singh (Paperback)

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A hundred years ago, a young man of 34 years age, Dr. Mathra Singh, was sentenced to death by the British at Lahore Central Jail for waging war against the colonizers, bringing to an end a short but brilliant war of independence that was violent in nature and ruthlessly suppressed by the British. Starting from San Francisco where the Ghadar Party was formed it spanned the globe in its reach, taking advantage of the First World War that had just begun, and having global alliances with 'enemies of enemy' at the time, Germany, Ireland, and Japan. Dr. Mathra Singh joined the Ghadar Party in San Francisco in 1914, was sent to Hongkong and Shanghai for spreading nationalism and quest for freedom and came back to India as a member of the core team of revolutionaries, being himself in-charge of bomb making. Traitors and approvers ultimately resulted in failure of the rebellion (which came the closest to achieving success as per British experts), following which Dr. Mathra Singh successfully escaped to Afghanistan where he teamed up again with other Indian freedom fighters and continued the fight for independence. On such missions, he went to Russia for seeking help from Tsar Nicholas II with a letter written on gold plate. He also planned to go to Japan via China to continue the fight but was caught, brought back to India and tried under the famous Lahore Conspiracy Case. He was awarded the death penalty and achieved martyrdom on 27 March 1917. Over 10 years of research and having exclusive information from family archives (the author is the grandson of Dr. Mathra Singh), makes this an exhaustive study of Ghadar movement itself and his stellar contribution to India's fight for independence.

About the Author

JPS Kohli (1963- ) is the grandson of Dr. Mathra Singh, and has helped carry forward his twin legacies of pharmaceutical studies and spreading word about the political struggles of the forgotten heroes of Indian history. Working for a few years in the pharmaceutical production and engineering fields, and then starting his own consultancy, it wasn't long before he started writing technology status reports for the Department of Science and Technology, Government of India, for the pharmaceutical sector on various subjects, leading to him setting up his own pharmaceutical-related publishing company. The company has produced some of the most updated and important works within and for the industry, such as Pharmaceutical Exports and Pharmaceutical Facility Management. Writing the history of the family, and that of Dr. Mathra Singh came as a passing on of the family documents and records from the eldest son of Dr. Labh Singh (Dr. Mathra Singh's younger brother), Prithpal Singh Kohli, his uncle. This work, along with the multiple public lectures given by the author, remain a way for him to pay homage to his family legacy, given his wide knowledge of multiple Indian vernacular languages in addition to Hindi and English. This book comes after a research spanning more than a decade, comprising of source collection, triangulation of facts, multiple consultations with leading experts in the subject area, and a lengthy writing period.

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