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Domenico Angelo also known as Angelo Domenico Malevolti Tremamondo was an Italian sword and fencing master. The son of a merchant, he was the founder of the Angelo Family of fencers. He has been praised as the first to emphasize fencing as a means of developing health, poise, and grace. As a result of his insight and influence, fencing changed from an art of war to a sport.

Aaron A. Warford published multiple "How-To" books in the 1800's including: "How to Break, Ride and Drive a Horse", "How to Stuff Birds and Animals", and many others.

Originally published in England in 1763, The School of Fencing (L' cole des armes), was, and still is, seen as the most comprehensive book published on the art of Fencing. This definite text covers all aspects of fencing; Postures, Guards, Parades, etc. Whether you are a fencing novice or enthusiast, you will gain significant knowledge from this book. Of interest to historians, classical fencers, sport fencers looking for their roots, and other martial artists interested in expanding their repertoire.

Along with the original text this edition features 47 digitally restored versions of the original plates that were published in 1763.

Also included are two additional appendixes that would be of interest to fencing enthusiasts.

1. Chart of the development of the straight sword throughout history.

2. How to Fence: A straightforward and practical instructional guide to the art of fencing. Along with 20 illustrations this book covers the basic elements of fencing and the use of the broadsword.

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