Because of a Teacher: Stories of the Past to Inspire the Future of Education (Hardcover)

Because of a Teacher: Stories of the Past to Inspire the Future of Education By George Couros Cover Image
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What you do matters.

You may not hear it often (or ever), but if you're an educator, you're making a difference in the lives of learners. And that impact has a domino effect.

In Because of a Teacher, more than fifteen of today's leading educators remember the teachers and administrators who inspired and supported their careers. Through a series of heartfelt and uplifting stories, they reflect on their early years teaching, offering advice and strategies suited to first-year teachers and longtime educators alike.

These personal stories offer hope for new teachers, encouragement for educators tiptoeing into burnout, and reassurance that the work you're doing right now will inspire generations to come.

Because of a Teacher will inspire you to

  • remember those who encouraged your love of learning;
  • honor and thank educators who have advocated for you, championed your career, and equipped you with the skills necessary to lead;
  • reflect on how far you've come since you entered the profession.

"Whether you are in your first year of teaching or nearing your last, Because of a Teacher will remind you why you went into education in the first place and help us all focus on what is really important: the legacy we will leave with the students and staff we are blessed to work with."

-Allyson Apsey, principal and author of The Path to Serendipity

"I would highly recommend this book to any educator I know "

-Morgane Michael, educational consultant and author of From Burnt Out to Fired Up

"Because of a Teacher is filled with voices from the field who remind us of the impact we can make with all students, even on our toughest days. If you are looking for an inspiring read to remind you why you went into the profession, this book is it."

-Jimmy Casas, educator, author, speaker, and leadership coach

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