Afro Puffs Are the Antennae of the Universe (Paperback)

Afro Puffs Are the Antennae of the Universe By Zig Zag Claybourne Cover Image
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"Move over General Leia, Lieutenant Ripley, and Imperator Furiosa. There's a new girl gang in town, and these Sisters of Tomorrow are gunning to Save The Universe once and for all." Lisa Yaszek, Regents Professor of Science Fiction Studies

"Unputdownable, irrepressible, witty, wise, fiercely funny, revolutionarily deep without a smidgeon of dull prose, novel ode to joy." Anna Tambour, World Fantasy-nominated author of Crandolin

Book 2 in The Brothers Jetstream universe

One day you'll be interviewed, her subconscious riffed, about what it's like being Desiree Quicho, and you'll try to be this massively erudite Guatemalan Queen of philosophy and measured evaluation, except that won't feel right. Por ejemplo, you've successfully infiltrated a moon base under disguise, stolen top-secret machinery, went back to retrieve an errant crew member who provided the needed distraction for you to load said equipment on board your shuttle, and now find yourself wholly unable to wax philosophical about one person's role in assuring a decent, just world for all, because, in reality, saving the world involves a shitload of footwork.

As in running...

No one has time for your BS...but Captain Desiree Quicho and her crew of utter badasses surely don't. Got a universe to save. Again. Commandeer one piece of out-of-this-world tech and suddenly you have an evil billionaire and a corporate queenpin on your ass, factions scrabbling at the power grab to end all power grabs, and an ultimate AI bent on a rampage of healing.

All a captain wanted was a little chill time, a few tunes, and quality barbecue.

Woe to those blocking her groove.

Four women; One machine goddess; a Hellbilly, Saharan elves, the baddest Pacific Octopus this side of Atlantis... and Humanity's balance tilting toward its biggest unknown future yet.

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ISBN: 9781732298019
ISBN-10: 1732298017
Publisher: Obsidian Sky Books
Publication Date: December 1st, 2020
Pages: 290
Language: English