Dog Aggressions: The Complete Training Guide For Owners To Manage Aggressive Behavior (Paperback)

Dog Aggressions: The Complete Training Guide For Owners To Manage Aggressive Behavior By Sally R. Ball Cover Image
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Are you struggling with a dog that seems to want to call all the shots?

Dog aggression can be frightening and overwhelming, leaving pet parents to feel hopeless about connecting with their furry friends. Lacking the understanding of why a dog behaves aggressively makes it nearly impossible to diagnose the cause and to stop it from happening again. In this book, the author explains the different types of aggressive behavior man's best friend might display, and gives you hot tips on how to reduce and soothe that aggressive behavior.

The secret is that most aggressive behavior is actually caused by fear and anxiety rather than a purposeful desire to disobey or dominate. Learning to speak their language and cure the problem at the source allows a healthier, safer relationship to blossom between your family and your canine companion.

To that end, in this book, you'll find fascinating information about how dogs communicate and ways in which their social structure resemble our own. You'll also find information on how to prevent aggression in both puppies and newly added adult dogs in your household.

Inside you'll also find training tips and shortcuts. You might find that some of the issues and behavioral problems you've witnessed in your dog is caused by something you never would have guessed Many aggression and behavior problems can be secretly linked.

Don't waste any more time using old, ineffective styles of teaching that push you and your dog further apart and often make the aggressive behavior worse. Inside these pages, the author lays out the best ways to reduce those behaviors while improving the happiness and mood of your entire family.

The more time aggressive behavior is permitted, the harder it is to train out. Pet owners who wait too long to take action about aggressive behavior often struggle to train them down the road. The sooner you take action, the easier it is to get the behavior under control.

In this book we explore:

- The temperament tests done by professionals to learn about dog behavior and personality

- How to diagnose the root of your dog's aggression

- How to ensure you, your family, and your dog remain safe while improving your relationships with the dog

- The myth of the Alpha dog and pack theory

- The "Canine Ladder of Aggression" and all its steps

- Learn dog language - Common meta-communications your dog displays while playing or interacting with you

- The best and quickest remedies to improve the aggressive behavior of your beloved pet

- And more

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