The Mali Empire: The Complete History of the Mali Empire (Paperback)

The Mali Empire: The Complete History of the Mali Empire By J. P. Martin Cover Image
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The Mali Empire was one of the most prosperous and powerful empires in the antiquity of Africa. The Mali Empire's growth and expansion from the 13th century onwards was legendary and pivotal in the history and indeed the culture of western Africa. From their control over the trans-saharan trade routes to their influential royal class who produced such notable kings such as Mansa Musa, the Mali Empire made a significant impression. This book conveys the full historical record of this great nation and delves into the rich culture, religion, architecture, societal organization, royalty and commercial activities of this great empire. The epic landmark events of the Mali Empire are captured and clearly explained in detail within this text and come complete with images and illustrations. The comprehensive historical record of the Mali Empire is kept alive for all to enjoy, remember and revere within this book. The account of the Mali Empire showcases some of the best of African achievement and African history.

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Publication Date: February 6th, 2023
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