Kumihimo Wire Weaving: How to Make Wire Kumihimo Braids With Affordable Metals and Minimal Tools (Paperback)

Kumihimo Wire Weaving: How to Make Wire Kumihimo Braids With Affordable Metals and Minimal Tools By Amy Lange Cover Image
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Powerful kumihimo techniques to make inexpensive wire jewelry

Do you want to start kumihimo, but don't want to spend money on expensive metals?

Are you a kumihimo braider, that is looking to challenge herself with wire projects?

Are you afraid that doing kumihimo with wire might be difficult?

Are you tired of making the same type of wire jewelry, over and over again?

I, the author, also faced the same problems as you.

I was scared of two things.

One, I will have to spend too much money on buying sterling silver or gold wire to do projects.

Two, kumihimo with wire will be difficult to do.

That is why I have compiled a simple kumihimo guide for you.

This guide focuses on using inexpensive tools and materials to create wire jewelry that you can wear and gift to those close to you.

Inside this book you will discover:

  • The #1 low-price metal you should use to make your first kumihimo braid
  • The most important tool you need to make flat braids in your jewelry
  • How to add cabochons to your kumihimo projects
  • The only tools you need to start wire kumihimo
  • What gauge of wire should you use for your first project?
  • 5 mistakes you could be making when making wire braids
  • 2 tools essential for creating hollow kumihimo braids
  • 5 classic and versatile braid designs that go well with inexpensive metals
  • How to get a patina finish on your kumihimo projects
  • The biggest mistake you could be making when braiding wire
  • 10 kumihimo 'hacks', that will make your kumihimo learning curve easier
  • How to add beads to your kumihimo projects
But isn't wire kumihimo tricky to do?

Like any other hobby, kumihimo takes a little bit of time to learn.

With practice, you will be sure to become comfortable with kumihimo.

This book can get you started without much skill or time already invested in knowing kumhimo or making wire jewelry.

You can start this craft even if you have never braided before.

Get started before you unknowingly spend money on expensive materials, only to find out your projects could have been easier and cheaper if you used the alternative metal that is revealed in this book.

Note: This book has black and white pictures only

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