Taking Down Fences: How Liberalism and Singe-Issue Politics are Destroying America (Hardcover)

Taking Down Fences: How Liberalism and Singe-Issue Politics are Destroying America By James H. Walsh Cover Image
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In Taking Down Fences, the aphorism, "if you want to know why a fence was put up, take it down," provides a reference point for examining and assessing the damage progressivism and single-issue politics are inflicting on our liberties and our country. Make no mistake about it: America is under attack, not just from external enemies, but also from many within who are exploiting the enormous freedoms and opportunities offered by America in an effort to destroy a governance structure and value system they abhor, but which has done more to advance the interests of humankind than any other form of government ever conceived. Through a series of engaging, thought-provoking commentaries that provide powerful insight into the current political and social climates of America, Taking Down Fences addresses a wide range of the "hot topic" issues being used to stir passions and create "moral panics" among what is becoming an increasingly misinformed, under-educated, and therefor "easier to mislead," population. The goal of those trying to roil and divide the country is no less ambitious than replacing our constitutional republic with socialism. For anyone trying to understand the current state of American politics and culture, Taking Down Fences is a "must read," which will challenge your understanding of the issues underlying the current political divides and lay bare the fallacies of the Progressive agenda. The author is a graduate of Bridgewater College (1968) and the University of Virginia School of Law (1975). He practiced law for more than 42 years with one of the country's largest law firms, where he routinely was recognized in such peer review and rating publications as The Best Lawyers in America, Virginia Legal Elite, Virginia Super Lawyers, The Best in the U.S., Who's Who in America, and Who's Who in American Law. He served in the U.S. Army from September 1969 until April 1972. Before entering the military, he taught 8th and 9th-grade science and was the head football coach at William Monroe high school in Green County, Virginia. He is a long-time member of the Board of Trustees of his undergraduate alma mater, Bridgewater College, and is the current Chairman of that Board. The author resides in Richmond, Virginia with his wife of nearly 53 years, the former Janice Louise Ausherman of Frederick, Maryland, and has three children and five grandchildren. His interest in politics is that of an interested "citizen observer." He never has run for or held public office.

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ISBN: 9781662816253
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Publisher: Liberty Hill Publishing
Publication Date: July 15th, 2021
Pages: 522
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