Einstein: A Relative History (Paperback)

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Albert Einstein has been named the most important man of the twentieth century. As we look to understand the true nature of the universe with technological tools that weren't even dreamed of in his lifetime, Einstein's formulae remain our best key for decoding it. Einstein 101 explores both his work and his life-public and private. It also features a fascinating plain-language exploration of his famous "thought experiments," which explain how this extraordinary thinker visualized complex concepts. Accessible to all adults interested in the man, his life, and his work. Dr Donald Goldsmith is the winner of, among many other awards, the 1990 Astronomical Society of the Pacific's Award for Lifetime Achievement in the popularization of astronomy. He won the Physics Science Writing Award in 1986 for Nemesis: The Deathstar and Other Theories of Mass Extinction. Robert Libbon is a veteran writer with a degree in European history. His survey of Instant European History was published in 1996 by Fawcett Books.

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Publication Date: November 1st, 2005
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