50 More Stem Labs - Science Experiments for Kids (Paperback)

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This is my 2nd collection of 50 STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, & Mathematics) challenges for kids. This is recommended for ALL GRADES These projects support the engineering-design process and provide learning in technical fields in a fun, hands-on, and sometimes competitive way. Keep kids engaged and learning creatively

Each challenge has a snappy mission title, a brief description of the task required, the rules for the mission, and optional grading rubrics. These are very adjustable for your classroom, home, camp, science lab, or homeschooling needs. With minor tweaks, these projects could easily be used from grades K to 12

Each project is a critical thinking challenge and experiment. Students will have to figure out how to defeat each task. Children will learn by planning, designing, testing, and measuring. Then, they will have to reflect upon their work. Often, students will have to go back and redesign their projects to make them work better. It is highly recommended that students keep journals, blogs, or video reports of their projects

Challenge projects are tagged with categories so you can search for other similar labs. Types of labs included are: paper airplanes, bridge building, roller coasters, weight lifting projects, tower construction, cars, strength tests, crash tests, egg tests, and many, many more.

About the Author

Andrew Frinkle is an award-nominated teacher and writer with experience in America and overseas. He has taught PreK all the way up to adult classes, and has focused on ESOL and EFL techniques. With a young child at home now, he's been developing more and more teaching strategies and books aimed at helping young learners. His many educational works include: -50 STEM Labs & 50 More STEM Labs -Common Core Assessment Templates -Common Core Vocabulary Cards -Graph Paper Math -How to Draw with Basic Shapes -Science Now! -Sentence Builders & Word Builders -Weekly Sentence Strips -Story Starters -Movers and Shakers & the Expansion Sets -Basic Skills Workbooks: Alphabet Skills, Number Sense, and Shapes -Monster Zoo Math -Dealing With Archetypical Children - A Classroom Management Resource -How to Draw Comic Books -Read more about Andrew Frinkle at underspace.org He also maintains the educational websites littlelearninglabs.com and common-core-assessments. He also works full time for havefunteaching.com and its affiliated sites, as well as writing fantasy and science fiction novels under the pen name Velerion Damarke.

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