Teaching English in Korean Public Schools: A Practical Guide (Paperback)

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By Sp Lee
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This book is a practical guide to the teaching of English as a Foreign Language in (Korean, specifically, but the contents would be appropriate to other countries') public schools. Teaching in public schools is a growing specialization within the TESOL profession. It requires a blend of skillsets, combining the need for effective TEFL techniques with the responsibilities of a traditional classroom teacher, such as classroom and behavior management, and administrative and other paperwork. This book covers four main content areas: (1) an introduction and background to teaching in public schools, including how to approach this unique role; (2) contextually appropriate teaching and learning activities; (3) suitable classroom and behavior management strategies; and (4) guidance in the administrative and organizational aspects of being a school teacher, such as recordkeeping, reporting, and designing curricula. The book was written as a teacher development handbook offering specific, practical, and actionable advice to teachers who may or may not have a background in TESOL or education. It was designed as a pre-service manual which can be re-visited as specific needs arise. It will help the reader create and deliver suitable, engaging lessons to his or her students; handle or prevent behavioral or classroom management issues constructively and positively; and complete official paperwork in a professional way that benefits students, coworkers, administrators, and other vested parties. Many publications exist dealing with certain aspects of this new profession, such as cultural and linguistic awareness, methodology, or curricula and materials design, but few provide direction in all the skills needed to be successful in the role, which, as stated, is a hybrid of a Teacher of English as a Foreign Language and a traditional school teacher. Many existing publications have been written for teachers working in commercial institutes or teaching small classes (often of adult learners). This book is for the qualified or non-qualified teacher who has school-specific professional and educational responsibilities - many of which fall outside of the most common TESOL remits.

About the Author

The author has lived and worked in South Korea for nearly fifteen years. She holds advanced degrees in writing and education, as well as two TESOL certificates. She has diverse work experience, including working at language institutes, Korean conglomerates, an international school and two Korean public schools. She studied the Korean language at Yonsei University for two years, and has completed another Korean language and culture course. This is her first book.

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