Retired Judge Deen's Views on National & Political Issues! (Paperback)

Retired Judge Deen's Views on National & Political Issues! By Jr. Deen, Braswell D. Cover Image
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RETIRED JUDGE DEEN'S VIEWS ON NATIONAL & POLITICAL ISSUES , published by Outskirts Press, is a must read, of many hot button issues always being debated by candidates and leaders during elections. Also philosophical and scientific evidence of Evolution v Non-Evolution, is provided, on the important question, "Where Did We Really Come From?" Braswell D. Deen, Jr, is the son of a former GA US Congressman. Served as Chief Judge, GA Court of Appeals for two years, having served on this court for almost 26 years, and was the unofficial court historian; A WWII Purple Heart US Marine Veteran, serving in the First Marine Division, on Invasions of Peleliu on 9/15/1944 and Okinawa on 4/1/1945; Graduate of Univ. of GA Law School in 1950; Practiced Law 15 years in Alma, GA; Served in the GA Legislature 8 years, authoring and passage of the GA Woman Jury Bill in 1953, GA history was made allowing women to be part of the judicial system of GA; Mediator and Arbitrator 13 years; Authored 4 books, co-author of a 5th book; Composed lyrics of 7 published songs; Six poems relating to science; A Tweeter; EvolutionOrNot.compopular website; Doctor son and Lawyer son and four grandchildren. Deen's Book has four titles to the four Parts of his book, which immediately grabs and captures readers interest. He uses political satire in a potpourri of points, in Part I. The readers imagination is on edge with his Questions of "Quips, Quotes, Queries, Quirks & Quests." Climate Change Claims, Political Correctness v Political Commonsense, Wealth Redistribution, Socialism's Political Views are addressed; many saying its topics are a lot of Garbled Verbiage or Verbal Garbage. Part II presents a challenge of Academic Freedom for Students, with the title of "Braswell's Big Bang Bizarre Baboon Biology." Darwin's alleged Single-Tree Evolution v Deen's Multi-Tree Non-Evolution is reviewed and explored from scientific evidence viewpoints. Darwin has said the possible evolution of the eye, does appear 'absurd, ' and Deen is confident, the scientific evidence, carried the burden of proof, of proving a Non-Evolution occurrence. Part III is entitled "Deen Destroys Defeats Darwin Darrow Declarations," and sets forth scientific evidence of strengths and weaknesses of Evolution. Part IV, of this unique book, covers "Poetic Protozoan Piltdown Pithecanthropus Phylum Pretenses," of the proclamations made by many college professors. The six poems provides further interesting scientific proofs for a Non-Evolution. The poem of the "Wildman of Okefenokee ." is a true story, of an Alma, GA Dentist, surgically implanting Goat Horns on the brow and skull of a man, promoting him in circuses throughout the USA as half ape and half man. One scientist, leader in Biology, noted "Evolution is a Fairy Tale for Adults." "Am I My Keepers Brother?" poem is examined, and may be labeled, a 'Tomtit case rested in Peacock's Plumage.' Another true story in the state of GA, "A Little Known Story About John Birch ," is about a trial held at Baptist Mercer College in Macon, GA on campus, where the tailbone of a human was claimed by the biology teacher, to be evidence of a remnant, where maybe a monkey tail of long ago, was attached and grew onto ones human lumbar area tailbone; that we all may have once hung from tree limbs? Humans may have hung by their necks from a tree, but not by their tail, from a tree limb.

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Publication Date: July 17th, 2016
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