The Game of Life-The Rules (Paperback)

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Starting in 1789, before the ink on the Constitution was even dry, the representatives we chose to defend our liberties as expressed in the Declaration of Independence and govern by the rules set out in the Constitution have slowly, but inexorably emasculated those rules. They have usurped the power of the people to enrich themselves and their friends with power and wealth with the very property of the people they are by oath obliged to protect. They have managed to perpetuate themselves by constructing a bureaucracy to which the people are beholden instead of a government that is beholden to the people. We have been offered many opportunities to halt this decline into tyranny and each time we have rebuffed them in exchange for the empty promises of the very people who would lead us down this path to the inevitable morass. It has finally reached the point where a small but vocal minority has finally awakened to expose the deceit. They are called the "Tea Party". Dr. Blanchard offers them a formula and a set of rules by which they might slow and even reverse the decline a continuation of the status quo will inevitably accelerate. It returns us to the Constitution and provides the protections against our current dilemma from happening again.

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ISBN: 9781432789350
ISBN-10: 143278935X
Publisher: Outskirts Press
Publication Date: April 30th, 2012
Pages: 102
Language: English