The Logic of American Politics (Paperback)

The Logic of American Politics By Samuel H. Kernell, Gary C. Jacobson, Thad Kousser Cover Image
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Why does the American political system work the way it does?

Find the answers in The Logic of American Politics. This bestselling text arms you with a "toolkit" of institutional design concepts--command, veto, agenda control, voting rules, and delegation--to help you comprehend how the American political system was designed and why it works the way it does. The authors build your critical thinking through a simple yet powerful idea: politics is about solving collective action problems. This thoroughly updated Tenth Edition considers the most recent events and data, including rising political polarization, the country's reaction to changing demographics, and Americans' growing emotional involvement in politics. With a fresh analysis of the 2020 election results, this bestseller provides you with the tools you need to make sense of the government they have.

Also available as a digital option (courseware).
Learn more about The Logic of American Politics - Vantage Digital Option, Tenth Edition ISBN: 978-1-0718-2141-1]

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ISBN: 9781071815977
ISBN-10: 1071815970
Publisher: CQ Press
Publication Date: March 16th, 2021
Pages: 784
Language: English