Taking Action on Internet Gambling: Federal Policymaking 1995-2011 (Hardcover)

Taking Action on Internet Gambling: Federal Policymaking 1995-2011 By Russell K. Mayer Cover Image
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This book uses the case of the rise and fall of the Internet gambling industry to illustrate a new approach to understanding how public policy is made in the United States. The theory advanced is that different phases of the policy process are governed by three distinct political dynamics: constraint, momentum, and discretion. The book maps this CMD model of the policy process onto the case of Internet gambling, examining the full range of political venues in which issues of public policy are acted upon. It argues that constraint rules the day in the early phases of the policy process, momentum builds in the middle, and discretion comes into play most prominently as the policy cycle concludes. This CMD model both draws attention to previously understudied elements of policymaking, and explores the dynamic and interrelated nature of these three phases of the policy process.

About the Author

Russell K. Mayer is a professor of political science at Merrimack College.

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ISBN: 9780739180655
ISBN-10: 0739180657
Publisher: Lexington Books
Publication Date: March 6th, 2014
Pages: 174
Language: English